Community Picnic

Community Picnic 2024 – Save the Date

Our next community picnic is due to be held on Sunday 15th September, 12-4pm – save the date!



Community Picnic 2023 – Another great success!

The football pitch was filled with over 100 people, picnicking and enjoying a gentle Sunday afternoon with friends and neighbours. Families linked with each other, bought drinks, cakes and raffle tickets. The children enjoyed the messy play area and the games; some games were organised, and others emerged as the children ran around the enormous space having fun together.

Every year the Good Neighbour Scheme picnic is similar to last year, but also different! This year the weather forecast was for thunderstorms at 3.00 pm. We had a few drops of rain about 1.00 and hoped that we had got away with it…but we didn’t! At about 2.15 it rained and umbrellas came out, or people huddled under the marquees… and the children ran around in the rain! Eddy carried on playing his one-man band of hit songs, including those relating to the rain and the sun! People stayed, carried on having fun and the joy of the afternoon continued.

Eddy once again put together a lively play list of songs that everyone could recognise either first time around, or recently. The foot tapping, singing along and moving to his songs was a delight to see from all ages! 

The cake stall was very popular as Woodhouse and Woodhouse Eaves showed once again that it is full of great bakers! Thank you so much to all the cooks, your contributions were very much appreciated.

Thank you to the local businesses who donated the very generous raffle prizes including, DeVol, Agora, Apple and Pear, The Pear Tree, Bawdon Lodge Farm and Home of Handmade as well as many individuals. 

Thank you to everyone who came, supported and helped to make today work so well. Thank you too to the Parish Council and also to those who gave their time, energy, expertise, everything else and so much more.

The Good Neighbour Scheme Community Picnic is a special moment in the calendar where people get together, have fun and enjoy being part of these amazing villages, whatever the weather!