Yard Sale Addresses

Please see below a list of addresses taking part in the Woodhouse Eaves Yard Sale.  To see our online map instead click here.

13 Beacon Road
15 Beacon Road
38 Birdhill Road
56 Birdhill Road
83 Birdhill Road
Charnwood Rise
11 Church Hill
19 Herrick Road
Hill Rise
21Hill Rise
17 Main Street
57a Main Street
94a Main Street

Main Street


Maplewell Road
11 Maplewell Road
17Maplewell Road
17b Maplewell Road
25 Maplewell Road

Maplewell Road


46 Maplewell Road
60 Maplewell Road
73 Maplewell Road
92 Maplewell Road
109 Maplewell Road
113 Maplewell Road
116 Maplewell Road
118 Maplewell Road
129 Maplewell Road
18 Meadow Road
1Mill Road
Mill Road
14Paterson Drive
17Rawlins close
20 Tuckett Road
2a Victoria Road
Victoria Road
Victoria Road
11 Victoria Road
18 Victoria Road
35-39 Victoria Road
45 Victoria Road
17 Windmill Rise
31 Windmill Rise
44Windmill Rise